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Date: May 5, 2012 Author: Admin Categories: News


Just like foster carers and adults who have adopted children, kinship carers play a vital role in helping children and young people in walsall to grow up in a an enviroment that is safe, healthy and happy.

You are a kinship carer if you you are looking after the child of a relative or friend on a fulltime basis, whether it is a temporary or permanent arrangement.

The biggest group of kinship carers are grandparents,but there are are many others including older brothers and sisters,aunts and uncles, more distant relatives ,family friends and neighbours.

Kinship care can be arranged in formal or informal ways and in both cases there is support available. It is important to understand the implications of different legal situations, as you have many choices to make and the responsibilities you have -and the support provided- varies. To ensure you get the right support it is important that the local authority know about your circumstances.

If you would like to talk to somebody about being or becoming a kinship carer the team at walsall would be happy to talk to you. contact 0800 923 3706.